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Buddhist Studies Authority Database Project

規範資料庫簡介 - Introduction


These databases integrate information from various projects at the Library and Information Center at Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts. By providing information on Chinese calendar dates, as well as an onomasticon of person, place names and Tripitaka catalogues from Buddhist sources they help with disambiguation and geo-spatial referencing of names and dates.

時間規範資料庫- Time Authority Database

提供中日韓西曆時間對照,日期規範碼查詢,干支年月查詢。最大特色為提供並行東亞年代的展示。目前可查詢時間範圍由秦始皇帝元年(BC 220/11/14) 至 現今。

The CJK-calendar database is limited in the range of the dates covered. Our sources are concerned with Buddhist history and to make the project easier for us we have not included the earlier periods. Since the database is open-sourced, we hope that one day someone will add the data for these periods.

As it is the CJK-Calendar Database provides dates for the following periods:

  • China: 220 BCE and today
  • Korea: 56 BCE and 1910 CE
  • Japan: 593 CE and today


人名規範資料庫 - Person Authority Database


Information on personal names from Buddhist sources.


地名規範資料庫 - Place Authority Database


Information on place names from Buddhist sources with latitude and longitude. KML output.


佛經目錄規範資料庫 - Authority Database of Buddhist Tripitaka Catalogues


Information on Buddhist Tripitaka Catalogues.


Buddhist Studies Authority Database Project

Project Director: Huimin Bhikṣu 釋惠敏 Project Co-directors: Aming Tu 杜正民 Marcus Bingenheimer 馬德偉 Jen-Jou Hung 洪振洲 Editors: Bo-Yong Zhang 張伯雍 Grace 葛賢敏 Programmer: Jhih-Sian Lee 李志賢
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