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Query for Date entity

The query string for Date Authority data may contain only one Date Authority ID, or may consist of a pair of values.

URI format:

  1. Query for a single date (also called a when query) http://authority.dila.edu.tw/webwidget/getAuthorityData.php?type=time&when=<datecode>&format=<format>&jsoncallback=<string>
  2. Query for a time period (also called a from-to query) http://authority.dila.edu.tw/webwidget/getAuthorityData.php?type=time&from=<datecode>&to=<datecode>&format=<format>&jsoncallback=<string>


Argument Value(s) Description
type "time" Specifies the query type
format "s"
Specifies the format in which id value of the when/from/to argument is given.
  • "s" means <datecode> values are ISO-8601 Dates (e.g. +0200-10-01)
  • "d" means <datecode> values are specified in DDBC Authority ID format
  • "j" indicates <datecode> values are given as Julian Day Numbers
when/from/to <datecode> Specifies the Date or Time Period to be returned.
jsoncallback <string> Required by third-party JavaScript libraries (e.g. EXT Js) to perform ajax functions. The value of jsoncallback has no effect on query processing, but will be attached to the beginning of the returned json string.


  1. When Query:


    Json return: