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Query for Place entity

本規範檔條目服務僅提供由法鼓文理學院所修纂之部分約 18,000 筆,並未包含由中央研究院「中華文明之時空基礎架構系統,第一版,中央研究院,台北,台灣,2002」所授權之部分約 40,000 筆。
Please note that in case of the place authority database in the downloads as well as in the API only the c. 18,000 entries created at the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts can be made available. In addition to those entires the online search interface provides access to another c. 40,000 entries that are provided under an agreement with Academia Sinica (Chinese Civilization in Time and Space, Version 1.0, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, 2002).

URI format:



Argument Value(s) Description
type "place" Specifies the query type
id <AuthorityID> The DDBC Authority ID of the entity
jsoncallback <string> Required by third-party JavaScript libraries (e.g. EXT Js) to perform ajax functions. The value of jsoncallback has no effect on query processing, but will be attached to the beginning of the returned json string.



Json return: